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Sugarloaf - Wednesday


Read the Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx up to page 37. 

Click here


Find the meaning of the new vocabulary below: 







Answer the questions below: 

What was the task Marcy was given in order to free her father? 

Who were the Gods mentioned on page 28-29? What were they known for?

What made Marcy change mind about stealing the moon eye? 

How do they find their way to the Sphinx? 

Describe what the author means in the line: "Marcy was filled with excitement. Maybe she was a Browstone after all?" 



Character description: a brief description tells the reader how they should picture that person in their mind.

Read the description below. Create an image in your head of what this character looks like. 

Wanda, a wicked and selfish witch, was plotting a plan as usual. She cackled and sang (although very badly) as she stirred her cauldron. Her enflamed orange hair tangled and brittle like her mop. Dark black lipstick covered her lips and half of her teeth. Her ragged dress was filthy with ash from her dusty cauldron. Wanda was extremely rude and hated people.

Create a quick sketch of the character described above. 

What words help you create this image? Think of the ADJECTIVES used! 

This writer describe how the character looks, acts and moves


Think about the character Marcy. 

Create a character profile for this character using the template below. 

View document character.pdf

Write a descriptive paragraph with your ideas from above about the character Marcy. 


Character Description Success Criteria: 

  •  describe my character's appearance, actions/behaviour, speech and personality using a variety of interesting words
  •  use powerful verbs to show my character’s personality, feelings and actions/behaviour
  • use adjectives and adverbs to develop my description and hook in my reader
  • write about my characters’ inner thoughts and ideas • include similes and metaphor to add detail and interest


Once you have checked that your writing meets the success criteria expectations send your work to 


Year 5 French 

*Check year 5 French tab for todays work.  


 Here's a webpage on foods and drinks that were common during the Ancient Egyptian times! Click HERE

Here is a recipe for a flatbread if you want to give it a try!

Let me know if you give it a try. I'm curious to see how it would turn out.