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Fuji - Tuesday


Science - Animals of the Amazon Rainforest


In Chapter 5 of Journey to the River Sea, Maia decides to brave the Amazon Rainforest and walk from the Carters' house to Manaus. Today, you are going to investigate some of the animals she may have encountered on her walk. 

Research one of the following animals and complete a Fact File for that animal. Here is an example of a Fact File with each feature explained.




 Some ideas of animals of the Amazon Rainforest that you might like to research:



You may draw your own template to write up your Fact File or you can create it using a computer. Here is a template you might like to use.

View document year_4/factfile.jpg



Task: Use the internet to research an animal from the Amazon Rainforest and write a Fact File for that animal. 

 You may either write your Fact File using pen/pencil and send me a photo of your work or use the computer to create a word document Fact File and email it to me at 





Column Multiplication

Watch this video to remind yourself of how to multiply using column multiplication. Remember, the man in this video uses the word 'carry' instead of exchange. So every time he says he is 'carrying' a number, he is making an exchange.





Task: Complete the work below. All students should be able to do Blue work (level 1). The pink work (Level 2) is for students who would like to challenge themselves with work that is a bit more difficult. 



 Blue Work (Level 1)





Pink Work (Level 2)



Please email the work to me at 



Craft Activity - Make your own Rainforest in a Bottle

Craft activities are important because they help you develop your fine motor skills (your finger skills) and improve your creativity.

Today, you are going to make a Rainforest in a Bottle. You might like to go for a walk to the park near your house to collect some rocks, soil and foliage (plant leaves). If you do not have a rainforest animal figurine to place inside your bottle, that's okay! You can just draw one, cut it out and then place it inside.

Watch the video below to learn how to make your Rainforest in a Bottle. 



 Task: Create a Rainforest in a Bottle.

 Send me a picture or video of your Rainforest in a Bottle to