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Forest - Tuesday


Follow this link to Oxford Owl and log in using these details:

Username: Forest Class

Password: Parents2020

  Click on My class login

 Click on My Bookshelf

 Read 'Toads in the Road'

 Complete the two activities linked to the text.



Miss Cohen's, Emma's and Ms. Fullerton's groups - Today we are going to use all of our knowledge of the sounds we have learned so far. Follow the link below and read the sentence. After you have read the sentence, try to swap some of the words to create a new sentence. Re-read the sentence to check that it makes sense.

Sentence Substitution

  Press the start button

 Choose the first sentence 'Mark fed the cat.'

 Click and drag the words to swap them over to create a new sentence.


Miss Fernando's group 

We have now learnt all the sounds required for Reception! We will now review and consolidate all the sounds we have learnt so far! Well done!


Have a go at reading and writing these sentences. After that, draw a picture to match each sentence. 

These snakes had a race to the pine trees.

When dolphins swim by, I think about how much I like them.

My nose has been running and I have needed tissues all day.

I looked at the turkey's claws when it sat on the chimney.


So many people visit the beach and leave all of their rubbish behind! All this rubbish ends up in the sea. Watch the video below to find out how rubbish affects the sea creatures and how to help them. Watch the video and have a chat to your family about what you learned.

A Whale's Tale

This is a photo of some rubbish that was left behind at the beach. Can you create a poster to remind people to clean up after themselves when they go to the beach. You can use words and pictures on your Poster. Here are some examples:



Special Task


Make a puppet and act out the Fidgety Fish story! Use any recycled materials at home that you may have. Trace carefully around your hand and turn it into a fish like the ones below.

Fidgety Fish

Have a great day! Miss Cohen