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Sir Francis Drake

Etna Class - Tuesday. 


Please click on the link below and read chapters 3 and 4. Today I would like you to summarise these chapters as a comic strip. There is a template to help you or you could draw the boxes yourself.

Please send me your work for our Wow Wall




Mr Ream is described in some detail. Go back over this chapter and find all the information that you can about this character. Make a list of these details. Do you trust this character? Please give your reasons.



Here are the answers from Mondays maths. 

Some Exciting Nature News.

Do you remember that I shared a video of tadpoles in my pond? Well we now have lots of tiny frogs hopping about in the garden. My daughter carefully caught on one as,  like Soy in our story, she too loves frogs . She would never throw one!


Please join Joe in a PE workout.