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Sugarloaf Thursday 


 Continue reading Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx (until page 47).

As the text goes on we see a change in Marcy's character. What is the change? 

I would like you to revisit your writing from yesterday to ensure you have included how Marcy has changed throughout the text so far. Think of her actions and feelings at the beginning versus now. 



You will revisit the character profile we used yesterday to create your own adventure character. How will your character look, act, move and feel? Make sure to consider what makes them adventurous!

View document character.pdf

 Write a descriptive paragraph about your own adventure character. 


Character Description Success Criteria: 

  •  describe my character's appearance, actions/behaviour, speech and personality using a variety of interesting words
  •  use powerful verbs to show my character’s personality, feelings and actions/behaviour
  • use adjectives and adverbs to develop my description and hook in my reader
  • write about my characters’ inner thoughts and ideas • include similes and metaphor to add detail and interest


Once you have checked that your writing meets the success criteria expectations send your work to 




 Document your experiment with pictures along the way!


Extra Task: 

 Make sure to stay healthy and active! Here's a Joe Wicks video, remember he makes these videos daily. They are a great way to make sure you're keeping your body moving during this time at home. 


Create your own workout video! Think of exercises that you enjoy and challenge a family member to follow along.