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Etna Class - Thursday


Today please read chapters 7 and 8 of The Guardians of Lore.

  • Now look back over chapter 7, think carefully about how the writer describes each boy's  reaction to the hero that Deli described. What opinion does this give you of each boy's personality? Make a list of each boys qualities. 
  • Next think carefully about the action packed chapter 8, can you draw a sketch of the magical lore filled flying machine bed? 

Challenge - Maths. 

Click on the link below to revise your understanding of negative numbers - be sure to have a try at answering the quiz questions.



 Please send your work to me for our Wow Wall



Extra activity - cookery.



Ask an adult if you can do some baking or if you feel too hot for that make a cool smoothie or fruit ice lollies. Please send me phots for our wall if you can.

Please stay safe in the hot weather too.