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Blythe - Thursday


Follow this link to Oxford Owl and log in using these details:

Username: Blythe Class 

Password: Parents2020

  Click on My class login

 Click on My Bookshelf

Read 'What's the Weather Like Today?'

 Complete the two activities linked to the text.



Miss Cohen's, Emma's and Ms. Fullerton's groups - We are reviewing set 1 and 2 of our phonics sounds. Today we are going to have a go at reading the sentence and matching it with the correct picture. Once you have matched them, you can have a go at copying the sentence and drawing your own pictures.


Miss Fernando's group 

We have now learned all of the sounds for Reception. We will now review and consolidate all the sounds. Well done!

Play the game below. You have to sort the real words into the treasure chest and the fake words into the bin.

1. Click on 

2. Click on  

3. Click on 

4. Start playing by dragging the coin with the word on it into the trash can or the treasure chest.



On Tuesday we created a poster to remind others to put their rubbish in the bin when they visit the beach. Today we are going to write a letter to someone that you know to tell them why it's important to keep the beach clear of rubbish. Think about what happens to the sea creatures if the rubbish ends up in the sea.

Before we begin writing, watch the story 'Dear Mr Blueberry.' This story will show us what a letter should look like.

Dear Mr Blueberry

You can choose to write to your teacher, a student in your class, a family member or a friend to tell them about putting rubbish in the bin. Try following this format:


Special Task

Today's special task is to continue to practise coding! We are going to try to get Moana to catch some fish on her boat. Follow the instructions on your computer, laptop or iPad. Unfortunately, you wont be able to use this program on a phone.

Moana- Hour of Code

 Once it loads, press Begin Now and follow the video instructions. 

Have fun!


Miss Fernando