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Science - Life Cycles in Humans and Animals


All animals, including humans, are born, they get older and bigger and some will go on to have children. In the end, all animals die. We call this a life cycle.

Watch this short clip to learn about life cycles.


Animals are small when they start life. Over time they grow bigger and their bodies change.

When they are grown up, they might reproduce and have young animals of their own. These children will get older and may eventually also have children too, and so the life cycle keeps going!

Have a go at the two re-ordering activities below. Can you put the life cycle of a butterfly and chicken in the right order?


The human life cycle

There are six main stages in the human life cycle:

1. Foetus

At this time, a baby is growing inside its mother's womb.

2. Baby

A baby is born after spending nine months inside the womb.

3. Childhood

At this stage, you learn to walk and talk.

4. Adolescence

Children become teenagers.

5. Adulthood

Your body is fully developed.

6. Old age

The last stage in the life cycle of a human.


Activity 1



Try the online quiz here first!

Activity 2



Pick a mammal and research its lifecycle. Put your research on this worksheet here.



Weekly Challenge

Challenge 1

Rani has 38p.

A person says that they has 10 pence more than Rani and 20 pence less than Eva.

How much money does Eva have?

Grey line

Challenge 2


Triangle multiplied by triangle equals 25.


Circle multiplied by circle equals 100.

Work out the value of

Triangle multiplied by circle.
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Challenge 3

A sequence is made up of three 2-digit numbers.

The sequence increases by eight each time. These are the digits that make up the three numbers.

Cards: 0, 2, 3, 4, 4, 5.

Work out the numbers in the sequence.

Grey line

Challenge 4

A square is divided into smaller squares.

The bottom right square is highlighted blue, and so are two other blues square that are half the size of the blue square.

What fraction of the square is shaded?

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Challenge 5

The mass of an empty jar is 470 g.

An empty glass jar.

6 marbles are placed in the jar.

Six glass marbles.

The total mass of the jar and marbles is now 1.1 kg.

Two of the marbles are removed.

What is the mass of the jar and marbles now?

Grey line

Challenge 6

Work out the value of B.

The top bar is 132 long, A is four of six blocks long and B is three of eight blocks long, which is equal to the length of A.



Have a lovely weekend!