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Sugarloaf - Wednesday


Read Ten Murky Mummy Facts- you can visit the link or read the page below. 


Look out for words you would maybe like to add to your glossary!


You will be creating your own Ten Murky Mummy Facts profile from new and exciting information you have learned while reading this text. 

1) Revisit all pages in How to Live like a Mummy Maker .

2) Jot down 10 new facts you have learned.

3) Organise and design your own fact page that contains 10 facts. 

4) You can draw and write your page by hand or can use a computer to create a page. 

Send all work to 

Year 5 French 

*Check year 5 French tab for todays work.  


Make sure to be working on your own Egyptian artefact. Visit the weekly homepage for a refresher if you have forgotten what the task is! 

Click HERE for some ideas of what kind of real artefacts could be found in a real museum!

5 Important Egyptian Archaeological Discoveries that Provided ...

© Luigi Guarino / flickr