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Sugarloaf - Tuesday


How to Live Like an Egyptian Mummy Maker: John ...

Log on to Epic! Reading and search How to Live Like an Egyptian Mummy Maker.

Ramesses Rises. 


Find the meaning of the new vocabulary below: 







Make sure to add this new vocabulary to your glossary! 


Respond to the questions below. Make sure to use full sentences  and proof from the text in your answers!

What is the purpose for mummifying? 

Why did they need to continuously move Ramesses corpse? 

What non-fiction text features can you name on this page? How did they help you when reading the text?

Where did they take Ramesses' mummy to be examined? How did they transport the mummy?

Write a description of Ramesses' burial chamber in your own words. Make sure to use language and new vocabulary found in the text in your answer. 

Please share your work with me! You can either send me a picture of your written work or you can type your response. Send to:


Sentence structure of the week: 


Can you write 5 of your own Outside. (Indside.) sentences? 


Use one of the new vocabulary words in one of your sentences. 



Fractions of an amount

Watch the video below: 


There are mild and spicy questions below. Choose whichever level you feel comfortable working on today. 







Extra Challenge: 

This is an spicy challenge question: it is optional!