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Fuji - Thursday



Today, you are going to explore a map of South America. Remember, South America is a continent, which is an enormous area of land made up of lots of different countries. There are only seven continents on earth and South America is one of them. 

One of those most important elements of a map is the legend. The legend on a map is an explanation or description of what all of the symbols, colours and drawings mean.

You will use the legend below to help you answer questions about the map of South America.




Map of South America 


 Task: Explore the map and answer the following questions using full sentences. The questions get more difficult as you work your way through the list, so just answer as many as you can.

 1. Name all of the countries of South America.

2. What is the capital city of Brazil?

3. Name three different rivers in Brazil.

4. Which countries have the Andes Mountains running through them?

5. What is the equator?

6. Which countries in South America are on the equator?

7. Which oceans lie either side of South America?

8. Which mountain lake lies on the border between Bolivia and Peru?

9. What is a continent?

10. How does this activity relate to our book Journey to the River Sea?



You may either: 

  • write your answers in pen/pencil and send me a photo of your work or
  • type your answers to me in an email

Please send your work to 




One of the most satisfying parts of producing a piece of writing is the publishing stage. Publishing is when you take your edited story and re-write it or type it up using a computer so it is nice and neat for others to read. 

Today, you are going to either:

  • type your story using Google docs, Microsoft Word or other word processing program or
  • re-write your story using your neatest handwriting


Remember, your published story should be very neat and have no mistakes, so take your time. Make sure you include:

  • a blank page left for the front cover (we will design this next week)
  • your story title
  • the author's name (your name) below the title
  • a line between each paragraph
  • correct punctuation (make sure you put a space after every full stop and comma like I do when I write to you on our class website)


Here is an example of what your document should look like by the end of today.



Task: Publish your story.


 You may either: 

  • write your narrative in pen/pencil and send me a photo of your work or
  • type your narrative using word processing software (Google docs or Microsoft word) and send the file to me in an email

Please send your work to 




Hands on Activity - Learn How to Set and Achieve a Goal

Watch this excellent video about the important skill of setting goals.




Task: Set a goal and develop a plan to achieve it.

Here are some ideas to help you think of your goal:

  • Be able to tie your shoelaces
  • Improve your handwriting
  • Know all your times tables
  • Keep your room tidy for 1 week or 1 month
  • Eat less sweets
  • Exercise for 30 minutes every day
  • Have only 1 hour per day of screen time


Make sure you have a specific goal and you have thought about all of the steps you are going to take to achieve it. It might take a while to achieve your goal and that is okay!


Here is a template to help you plan:



If you like, you can send me a photo of your goal plan to  


 It is important to learn how to do things for yourself. This is called being INDEPENDENT. Learning to be more independent and do things for yourself helps you:

  • learn new things
  • build self-esteem and confidence
  • make good decisions
  • develop responsibility
  • feel important and like you belong
  • develop coordination