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Blythe - Monday

Welcome Blythe Class!

I hope you had a lovely weekend! 

This half term our topic is 'Under the Sea!' We will be reading some great stories and learning some facts about creatures that live under the sea.


Make sure you have a look at our Weekly Update to see what your Reception friends got up to before the half-term break! You can find the Weekly Update and WOW Board here



This week we are reading 'The Lonely Lobster'

Have you read this story before? What do you think might happen in the story? What problem might they face?

Now listen to the story

The Lonely Lobster


What did you like about the story? Why was that your favourite part? What things do you like to do with your friends?


Miss Cohen's, Emma's and Ms. Fullerton's groups - Learning 'ir'

Read Write Inc 

Geraldine Flashcards

Can you make your own sound book? After you have learned a new sound, write it in your book! Then see if you can draw some pictures with that sound and label its name.


Miss Fernando's group

We have now learned all of the sounds for Reception. We will now review and consolidate all the sounds. Well done!

Today we are going to practise sounding out and spelling words with the sound 'ai'.

Spelling 'ai'


                                                                                         Click on the 'ai' button


This week we are going to investigate halves! A half is two equal parts from one whole.

Watch the video below to get us started!

Ernie's Half-Eaten Sandwich

I hope you enjoyed watching Ernie and the Detective. Now we are going to watch another video to help us learn more about halves. 

Halves and halving

Now it's your turn to make some halves! Use some paper shapes, stickers, fruit, cookies or even pizza! Fold a shape in half first and then cut it using your scissors. Ask an adult if they could help you to cut a piece of fruit in half. Make a book including all the halves that you make.





Special Task

This week we are reading the story 'The Lonely Lobster.' Can you make the characters from the story? You could use your hands and feet to do some painting like the ones below. Make sure you ask an adult for help before you start the craft activity. Have fun!





I look forward to seeing your learning! 

Have fun!

Miss Fernando