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Sugarloaf - Friday


Reading assignment of the day: Click Here 

Go on a Nonfiction Text Features Scavenger Hunt: 

Make sure to identify the page number and why it is important to include this feature in a non fiction text. 

Can you add any features that may not be on the list? 

Nonfiction Text Features Scavenger Hunt Free! | Nonfiction text ...

Reading Comprehension: 

Find the meaning of the following words and add them to your personal glossary: 






Have you come across any other new vocabulary while you've been reading this text? Make sure to include it in your glossary!


Your task this week was to create your own Ancient Egyptian artefact. If you are still struggling with what to create look for ideas in our new text! 

Your writing task today will be to create a fact file for the artefact that you have created. 

Success Criteria:

1) An image (drawn or a photo) of your artefact.

2) A description in your own words of the artefact. (make sure to include adjectives!)

3)An explanation of what the artefact was used for or it's purpose.

4) Include any facts that you may find!

Use research to create your fact file. I have included some reliable websites and texts below:

Modelled example: Golden Funeral Mask of Tutankhamun

Image of the artefact

Tutankhamun's mask

King Tut's mask

Mask Description:

The mask of Tutankhamun is a large, beautiful mask made out of high quality gold. The headdress and neckpiece is decorated with stripes of deep blue glass, precious gems and stones. The eyes themselves are made of obsidian (black volcanic glass) and quartz. The back is decorated with intricate hieroglyphics that were hand carved into the gold. The mask features two goddesses on his forehead- Nekhbet, the vulture goddess of Upper Egypt, and Wadjet, the cobra goddess of Lower Egypt - protecting him, and showing that he is ruler of both kingdoms. The holes in the ears show that Tutankhamun, like many young Egyptian boys, wore earrings.


Check that you have met each of the points on the success criteria. Please send finished product to by Monday!


Can you decode the Hieroglyphic message?