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Forest - Friday


Follow this link to Oxford Owl and log in using these details:

Username: Forest Class 

Password: Parents2020

  Click on My class login

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Read 'The Web'


Miss Cohen's, Emma's and Ms. Fullerton's groups - We have finished the Set 2 sounds! So today, we are going to review the sounds that we have learned so far. Watch the videos below and say the sounds as you see them being displayed.

Read Write Inc Set 1 Sounds

Read Write Inc Set 2 Sounds  

Have a look at your sound book. Can you add any more pictures or words to the sounds that we have learned so far?


Miss Fernando's Group

Even though we have finished learning all of the sounds, it is really important to keep practising them. Watch the video and practise the sounds.

RWI Set 3 sounds

Now you can play the game 'Dinosaur's Eggs'

Today we will focus on spelling words with the sound 'ee' 

Listen to the word, sound it out and click on the matching spelling.



This week we have been learning what half is and how to find half of an amount. The following video will help us to learn more about how to find half of an amount and also how to double an amount.

Halving an amount Lesson 2

To join in the activities on this video, you will need some small objects that you can use to help you count such as toys, cereal or pasta. Also some number cards- you could use playing cards or even write some numbers on some paper to make your own. You will also need a tens frame which you can easily draw at home on a piece of paper or card. A tens frame looks like this:

If you would like to practise doubles and halves further, play this online game:

Hit the Button

You may need to keep a collection of small objects to help you count half or double.

 You can choose to click on either Halves or Doubles.

When clicking on the  option, you will need to select only one of the following  (Reception students should be practising halves initially up to 10 and then up to 20 only).


When clicking on the  option, you will need to select only one of the following



Special Task

Today's special task is to walk like a crab! Watch the video below and join in- I hope you have fun following the instructions and moving around like a crab.

Do The Crab Walk


I hope you've had a fun week learning at home! It has been lovely chatting with you all on the phone and thank you for sending pictures of all the work that you have been doing. I can't wait for you to see them on our WOW Board on Monday. 


Take care and have fun!


Miss Cohen