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Sir Francis Drake

Snowdon - Wednesday


This week we are reading...

The Storm Whale

Reading Task

How do you think Noi felt when he found the whale?

How do you think he felt about keeping it a secret?

How do you think he felt about saying goodbye?

Do you think he was happy that he let him go?

Does he understand why the whale has to go? Why does the whale have to go?

Have a think about these questions and think of some adjectives to describe how Noi felt at different stages of the book.  

Writing Task

Can you use the adjectives from the reading task to help you write speech bubbles for these images? 

You can either draw the picture and the speech bubble to go with it, or you can write the sentences on your paper (just make sure they are in the right order!) 

Use 'because' in your sentence to explain why Noi feels this way.

Challenge: to use BOYS sentences in your speech bubbles. (but, or, yet, so)




French Practice

Here is a link to the French Practice page on our website. 

French Practice

Special Task

We have been learning about different languages and methods of communication. Have you ever heard the way whales communicate? Your job today is to research how whales communicate (speak) with each other. 

 Why do whales sing Whale sounds Whale dance

Research Question: Are there any other underwater animals that communicate through sound?