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Everest - Thursday



Speech is an important feature in a newspaper report. It helps the writer to share important information about what the people who are involved in the story have to say about it.

A newspaper report includes two types of speech - direct and indirect/reported speech.

Watch this video to remind yourself how direct speech is punctuated using inverted commas (also known as speech marks).


Direct Speech

Direct speech is when the exact words that have been said by a person are written down inside inverted commas.

  • Inverted commas (speech marks) go before and after direct speech. They surround what was said by the speaker. For example:

'Your cooking is delicious!' said Gerald.

Learn more about how inverted commas are used to show direct speech by watching this video.


Punctuating direct speech

  • A new speaker needs a new line. This might not be included in a newspaper report as the speech won’t be part of a conversation between people or characters.

  • You should use a capital letter at the start of each piece of speech.

  • Punctuation (question marks, full stops and exclamation marks) go inside the inverted commas.

  • If the person who is speaking is named before the speech, you must use a comma before the first set of inverted commas. For example:

Gerald exclaimed, “Please can I have some more?”

Indirect (reported) speech

When indirect speech is used, the writer will share the main points of what someone has said without writing exactly what they said in full.

No speech punctuation (eg inverted commas) is used for indirect speech. For example:

  • Direct speech: “I wish I could eat that meal everyday,” explained Gerald.

Could be written as:

  • Indirect speech: Gerald admitted that his dream would be to eat the same meal each day.


Activity 1



Read through this model newspaper report all about the inspirational activist Malala Yousafzai. Follow the instructions on the sheet.

  1. Highlight any examples of direct speech that you find.

Top tip!

Look for the inverted commas.

  1. Next, highlight examples of indirect/reported speech within the report.

Top tip!

Speech punctuation isn’t used for indirect speech

Activity 2



 Explore direct and indirect speech further with the activity here!

Activity 3



To check your understanding, do the two online challenges below.

Direct Speech

Indirect Speech


Geography - The Alps


What are the Alps?

The Alps are a large mountain range in the middle of Europe. They are spread over eight countries:

  • France
  • Monaco
  • Italy
  • Switzerland
  • Liechtenstein
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Slovenia

The Alps formed when two large tectonic plates slowly collided, pushing up the ground over tens of millions of years, creating some of the highest peaks in Europe. The highest mountain in the Alps is Mont Blanc.

Watch this short animation to explore the Alps with Sue Venir.

What is it like in the Alps?

The weather in the Alps is affected by different temperatures of air coming from the north, west and south. These conditions create five different types of climate, depending on height - the higher up the mountains, the colder it gets.

The tops of the mountains are covered in snow and glaciers. Different types of animals and plants live in the different climate zones and some are not found anywhere else in the world.

Many rivers have their source in the Alps. Melting snow and ice in spring and summer supply water to the rivers and lakes at the foot of the mountains. Dams have also been built to hold this water in order to create hydroelectric power for nearby towns and cities.

Tourism is the main industry in the Alps. Around 30 million people visit the Alps each year, enjoying activities such as:

  • skiing and snowboarding
  • walking
  • sightseeing
  • trail running
  • mountain biking
  • paragliding


Watch this short film to see more of the Alps.

Life in the Alps

Füssen lies in the Allgäu region of Bavaria in Germany, famous for its mountain lakes, the Alps and castles.

Philipp is 12-years-old and is a member of a traditional dancing and cultural group. His family own a concrete factory and their business depends on the mountains for stone mining.

Watch this short film from the In My Shoes series to find out more.




Create a brochure

Using the brochure template below provided and based on what you have learnt, create a leaflet for the public persuading them to visit the Alps.


Before the break I was busy completing the paper work for your transfer to secondary school but there were some questions I could not answer because they are questions about you guys personally. Obviously, had we been in school I could have just asked you directly but circumstances being what they are that just isn't possible at the moment. I would like you to please open the file here and answer the questions on the sheet. There are only four questions and it shouldn't take you yoo long, but it would be a massive help to me in completing your paper work.