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Week 7 - Thursday (Ben Nevis - Archives)


This week we are reading...


The Storm Whale

Reading Task

Today I would like you to think about where Noi lives and how this is the same or different to where you live in London.

What do you think is different about living at the seaside?

What activities could you do, that might be difficult to do in London?

What is the same? 

Would you rather live by the seaside or in London? Why?

Here is another story where the main character lives on an island to help you imagine living by the seaside. 


Writing Task


'One night a great storm had raged around their house.’

I would like you to think about this sentence. 

What does it make you think of? 

What does the storm look like?  

Here is a video of a seaside storm to help you. Seaside Storm

Use your senses to write as many words and phrases to describe the storm.

e.g. I can see...

I can hear...

I can smell...

I can feel...

I can taste...

Here is a word bank to help you. 



Once you have all of your words and phrases, I would like you to have a go at writing a poem.

Here is an example;

Choppy, crashing waves,

Rain bouncing on the shore,

Howling wind rattling the windows,

Thick, grey clouds darkening the sky. 


Special Task

To help you with your poem, I would like you to create some art around the theme of storms. '

You can use anything you have at home such as; colouring pencils/pens, collage materials, paints or even use the computer/ipad. 

Here are some ideas to get you started.