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Sugarloaf Thursday 


Find "Gods and Demons" in How to Live Like an Egyptian Mummy Maker.

We are going to practice a pre-reading strategy used when reading non-fiction text. This will help give you an idea of what the text or page is about BEFORE you read. 



After you have gathered your ideas please write a paragraph detailing your prediction on the text's page. Remember when making a prediction (a guess) it is important to use clues and prior knowledge to prove your thinking! 

Here are some sentence starters you may want to use in your writing. 


Please send your prediction paragraph to! I'm excited to read your writing. 

After you have completed the prediction you may read the chapter "Gods and Demons" in the text. CLICK HERE.



Why is it important to wash our hands? 

It is always important to wash your hands, especially right now as we are trying to stay safe and healthy! But why is it effective? Here's a quick and easy experiment you can do to see the effects of soap on germs!

Make a prediction of what you might think could happen during this experiment. 

You will need: 

  • A shallow bowl or dish (a pie plate works well if you have one)
  • water
  • ordinary black pepper
  • some liquid dish soap

Step 1

Cover the bottom of your shallow dish with water.


Step 2

Sprinkle black pepper across the surface of the water. Note how the surface tension of the water causes the pepper flakes float.


Step 3

Stick your finger in the centre of the dish; did anything happen? Not much right? You probably just got some pepper flakes stuck to your finger. Now imagine that the pepper flakes are germs.


Step 4

Now dip the tip of your finger into the liquid dish soap—you don’t need much.


Step 5

Now stick that finger into the centre of the dish. What happens? Your soapy finger chased those pepper flakes to the edges of the plate! Dish soap is formulated to break the surface tension of water, which is why it is so effective on greasy, dirty dishes. And it wasn’t until you added soap to the bowl that those "germs" were chased away. This is the reason grown-ups are always nagging you to wash your hands with soap!


Make sure to send me pictures of you if you attempt this experiment!


Extra Task: 

Make sure you are continuing to stay healthy and active during this time. You could go for a walk, play in your garden or like I've been doing exercising at home! Here's a video you can follow along with.