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Sir Francis Drake

Etna Class - Thursday


Today I would like you to read the rest of chapter  three and the whole of chapter 4 and tell somebody in your household what happens in this part of the story.  



Here are the possible answers from Wednesdays comprehension.


Today I would like you to use the link below to revise the correct use of speech marks for direct speech.



Today I would like you to reread Chapter 3 and then imagine that you are the lorry driver who had to swerve to avoid Max. Then  write an account of the incident from the lorry driver's viewpoint. Here is a possible beginning to help you get started. You could include your own illustration too.


Let's continue to revise turns and angles. Use the links to watch the clips below.


Please answer the questions below .




Now try these questions. 


Additional activity. 

Today I would like you to design your own board game using recycled materials. Please send me photographs of your inventions for our Wow Wall. Have a good day everyone.

 Additional Activity - 

Please answer the questions below .