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Year 5 French

Bonjour les enfants! (Good morning children!)

I have prepared two worksheets for you this week.  I hope you are all keeping well. Below are this week's worksheets (WB le 18 mai):

Les jours de la semaine

Les jours et les mois. Extra!


Complete the work on the Word documents and email me your work at, please.

If you have access to the internet, you can watch the clips related to these worksheets by following the 5 steps on the French section of the school website.  If you have difficulty logging in, look at the PDF instructions.  Once again my email address is: and the password is: sfdfrench2020.

For this week's worksheets, look at the following clips:

Unit 11

Les mois de l'annee

Unit 14

Les jours de la semaine


 A bientot!

Mme Lue-Cooper