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Sugarloaf - Tuesday

Similes and Metaphors 

Let's do a memory refresh. What is a simile? What is a metaphor? 

Watch the video at the link below if you think you need a bit more of a refresher. 

simile and metaphor

Can you change the following similes into metaphors? 

View document simile_and_metaphor_.pdf

Challenge: Create 3 of your own similes and 3 of your own metaphors that relate to our story "One Plastic Bag". 

Please share your work with me! You can either send me a picture of your written work or you can type your response. Send to:


Sentence structure of the week: 

Yesterday we looked at coordinating conjunctions to link our sentences. Our next Alan Peat Sentence includes this grammar topic. 

Can you write 3 of your own ,BOYS sentences? 



Multiply 4-digit numbers by 2-digit 

Warm up:

Complete the following question as a refresher from last week. Use your place value knowledge to fill in the blanks! 

Watch the video below: 



There are mild and spicy questions below. Choose whichever level you feel comfortable working on today. 




Extra Challenge: 

This is an extra spicy challenge question: it is optional!