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Ben Nevis - Tuesday

This week we are reading...



10 Things I can do to help my world

Read the story again and think about all the ideas there are about ways we can help our world every single day.

This week we will be creating pieces of work to raise awareness for how we can help our world. 

Your first job is to use the ideas in the book to help you create a poster for how we can save our world!

Here are some examples:



Counting in 10s

We have learned how to count in steps of 10. 

Practise counting in 10s at home with an adult or a sibling. 

Here is our song to help you. Counting in 10s

Key Questions:

If I count in 10s will I say 72? Why?

Will I say 110?

Will I say 0?

If I count in 10s for a long time will I say 340? Why?

If I count in 10s for a long time will I say 1230? Why?





Special Task

Today I would like to test your engineering and architecture skills by building a tower... out of dry spaghetti and marshmallows!

The idea is that you make the tower as tall/big as possible, thinking carefully about what the structure needs to look like (for example, should it be bigger on the bottom or the top? Why?)

Here are some examples of towers that other children have made and a guidance video.

You do not have to use marshmallows and spaghetti, it can be anything that is small and squishy with any long, thin stick shaped thing!

Spaghetti towers