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Week 5 - Monday (Everest - Archives)

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Everest - Monday

English - GPS

Learn - Semicolons

semicolon can be used instead of a full stop between two related sentences or independent clauses. This links them together in a way a full stop does not.


Semicolons in sentences

A semicolon can also replace a coordinating conjunction that links two independent clauses together.

For example:

  • The doctor’s superhero cape is yellow and the nurse's cape is green.


  • The doctor’s superhero cape is yellow; the nurse's cape is green.

We don’t use a capital letter after a semicolon as it isn’t a new sentence.

The only time we would use a capital letter after a semicolon is when the word is a proper noun (the name of a person or place, eg Sophia).

Semicolons and lists

Semicolons have another important job! They help keep sentences in order, especially when separating information about items in a list. Use them instead of a comma in lists to show which items are grouped together.

For example:

Maham scanned through her list for the trip to the seaside: food, for the picnic; toys, for the beach; a swimsuit, for going in the sea and a sunhat, to protect her head.


Activity 1



Watch this video all about the inspirational Victorian nurse Florence Nightingale.


Next, look at the table below:

1) Match the sentences/clauses together.

2) Rewrite the pairs you matched up using a semicolon.

For example: Florence sat with anyone that needed comforting; she read to them and helped them to write home.

Sentence 1 Sentence 2
Florence founded modern nursing but it helped Florence to learn even more skills.
Florence worked in a hospital in London yet she always checked on her patients at night (with the help of a lamp).
Infection killed lots of soldiers she always wanted to be a healer.
She was often tired by the evening Florence realised that hygiene was important!
Nursing in the Crimean war was difficult and became head nurse within a year.

Top tips!

Remember, a semicolon should only be used to link together sentences that are related to each other.

In the example below, a semicolon has been used incorrectly because the two sentences are not directly related.

Florence healed lots of soldiers; she liked to eat fruit.

Activity 2



Download the worsheet here and please insert the semi-colon into the correct place in each sentence.



You're second task for me is not so much a lesson but something I need as many of you to complete and help me out with. Before the break I was busy completing the paper work for your transfer to secondary school but there were some questions I could not answer because they are questions about you guys personally. Obviously, had we been in school I could have just asked you directly but circumstances being what they are that just isn't possible at the moment. I would like you to please open the file here and answer the questions on the sheet. There are only four questions and it shouldn't take you yoo long, but it would be a massive help to me in completing your paper work.