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Blythe - Monday

Hi Blythe Class,  

Make sure you have a look at our Weekly Update to see what your Reception friends got up to last week! Scroll down until you see the WOW Board- here you will find some of the amazing things that students have been doing at home. You can find the Weekly Update hereYou can also find other fun maths and Special Tasks that you might like to do during the week. 


This week we are reading 'The Three Little Pigs'

Have you read this story before? What happened? Who is it about? Are there any characters that are familiar to you? What other stories do you know of that has a wolf?

Now listen to the story

The Three Little Pigs


Miss Cohen's, Emma's and Ms. Fullerton's groups - Learning 'z'

Mr Thorne 

Geraldine's Flashcards

Miss Fernando's group - Learning special friends 'ew'

Read Write Inc




Can you make your own sound book? After you have learned a new sound, write it in your book! Then see if you can draw some pictures with that sound and label its name.


This week we are going to learn all about doubling! First sing-along with the song below!

Doubles Song


Great job! 

Doubling is when you make an identical set.

Get a mirror and put 1 finger up.

You can see that you have put 1 finger up and so is your reflection. It's an identical set, you have doubled 1! How many are there altogether then? Double 1 makes 2! 


Let's see how quickly you can double! Ask an adult to play the mirror game with you. You're going to sit opposite them and you will pretend to be the mirror. The adult will quickly put a number of fingers up and you have to show them the same amount! Can you discuss what the double is?


Special Task

The Wolf in the story of 'The Three Little Pigs' tried to huff and puff the pigs' houses down! Today you're going to pretend to be the wolf and create your very own 'Huff and Puff' bubble paintings. Get a little bit of paint and mix it with some bubble solution (water and fairy liquid will do). If you have a bubble wand dip it into the liquid and blow colourful bubbles onto a piece of paper. 

If you do not have a bubble wand, you can make one, here's an example:

How to Make Homemade Bubble Solution - Craft Recipe - Aunt Annie's ...



I look forward to hearing about your learning! 

Have fun!

Miss Fernando