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Etna Class - Friday


Today please read chapter five.


Reading response.

Today I would like you to think about the consequences of Max getting lost in the park. 

Can you list the animals that Max met in the park?

What might be the problem when Max tried to ask for help?



Now I would like you to write a prediction about what might happen next in the story. Try to write at least one paragraph. You can include who Max meets next, an adventure in the telephone box ( perhaps it's a time machine!) or any ideas of your own.



Maths - 

Here are some answer from yesterdays work. 

Now try this reasoning  question.



Weekend Activity. 

Please research facts about Hedgehogs. Use this website to get you started.

This is a fun and endearing video clip that Mr Holdcroft shared with me, 

as he knows that we are reading The Hodgeheg, and I really care about

wildlife.  Have a lovely weekend.

Best wishes Mrs Holdcroft.