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Matterhorn - Wednesday

Reading and Writing

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Interviewing the farmer

A visit from the farmer... The farmer from the story is coming to visit you. He will be tired from his long journey from Africa. Can you create some questions to ask the farmer? You or your parents can dress up like a farmer and answer questions.

Example: How did you feel when the papaya spoke to you?

                  What did you think when the king didn't believe you?


Today we are focusing on making singular nouns plural. A noun is a word used to identify something. 

    • A plural noun is used when there is more than one of something.
    • Most nouns follow rules to turn them into plural nouns.
  • Some plural nouns are irregular and can be difficult to spell, whilst others stay the same.

Watch this Bite Size video to find out the rule when we add s or es to a noun.

Can you add an s or es ending onto these words to make them change from singular to plural?



We are learning fractions! Fractions are parts of a whole. We can use numbers to show how many parts of a whole we have.

We are going to learn how to find three quarters of a number. Here's what 3/4 looks like:



Pratiquer le français (Practice French)

Special Task

Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week will take place from 18-24th of May 2020. The theme is kindness.

Send a virtual hug or high-five to a friend or family member that you miss! Showing people that we care can help them feel special and loved.