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Eiger - Wednesday

We have two very special people to celebrate this week... today is Kasey's birthday and it was Melanie's birthday over the Half Term holidays (30th of May)! Happy Birthday Melanie and Kasey! We all hope you celebrate with your family and do something fun. If you have a question to ask Melanie or Kasey about their birthdays you can email me and I will ask them for you. We miss you Melanie and Kasey! Have great birthdays! You're both around 31 years old now, right...?


Reading and Writing

Read the story again to remind you what happens. Today I want you to concentrate on the changes that happen in the story. 

You and your family's history

In the book we hear all about what it's like for the characters to spend time with one another as a family. We find out that things change in our lives over time. Think about your life with your family. Have you changed over time?

Find three special photos from across different times in your life. Share and discuss with your family about what you were like at the time the photo was taken, and if you've changed in any way.

Maybe you are more resilient, more confident and talk more?
Do you know more about certain things like trains or baking?
Have you changed physically, like growing taller and stronger?

Can you write a sentence or a paragraph under each photo describing what you were like at that time? Look at all three descriptions and see if there's a difference.

Here's an example:

At this time... I was a lot smaller than I am now. I was at the start of primary school so I didn't know a lot about the things I do now. I could only read short books and not chapter books. I was very happy in this photo because I loved dressing up as different characters. I was cheerful and chatty at this time of my life. My brother was different to me because he was more quiet. We lived in a different house when this photo was taken.


This week we will be practicing contractions. Contractions are when two words are squished together to make one word. When we take letters away we need to replace them with an apostrophe.

Watch this BBC Bitesize video about contractions.


We are learning time! Time is used to measure or compare the duration of events or the intervals between them, and even sequence events.



Pratiquer le français (Practice French)

Special Task

Relax at the day spa!

Make your family feel special by giving them a manicure or pedicure. You can file their nails and put on some polish. Maybe you can paint them a creative design? While their nails are drying you could give them a face mask. If you want them to feel extra special you could give someone a back, foot or head massage while their face mask is on.

Here's some ideas of how to run your day spa: