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Ben Nevis - Tuesday

This week we are reading...



Tasty Poems


Reading Task 

There are lots of fantastic new words in this book. I have chosen some special ones and I would like you to find the word meaning for me.


'poached' egg

'devilled' egg

'scrambled' egg


'gather' (do you remember this word from learning about the Inuits?)






Challenge: Can you spot all the foods that are in the poem? Which is your favourite?

Writing Task

Today you are going to be using alliteration to describe some of your favourite foods.

When you use alliteration, the adjective and the word must begin with the same letter.

Here are some examples:

lovely lettuce

crunchy carrot

tasty toast

magnificent mango


Can you try to add two adjectives using alliteration?

lovely, light lettuce

spicy, succulent sandwich


Counting in 5s

We have learned how to count in steps of 5. 

Practise counting in 5s at home with an adult or a sibling. 

Here is our song to help you. Count by 5

Key Questions:

If I count in 5s will I say 33? Why?

If I count in 5s for a long time will I say 60? Why?

If I count in 5s for a long time will I say 455? Why?




Special Task

Today, I would like you to have a go at doing some yoga. Yoga and meditation are very good for helping you stay calm and helping you think about what makes you happy. As we have done some meditation before in class, you can start with doing a meditation video and then have a go at some of the yoga videos.

Cosmic Kids yoga will teach you how to relax and use your body in different ways whilst also taking you on some great story adventures! There are lots of different videos to try so have a look at the different options and pick one that you think would be fun.

I have also posted a link that teaches you how to do the sun salutation which is a fantastic way to stretch and start your day!

Which video did you like the best? Why?

How did it make your mind feel?

How did it make your body feel?

Meditation and Mindfulness

Your Secret Treehouse meditation

Cosmic Kids Yoga 

Sun Salutation