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Everest - Thursday

If there are any of you interested in joining the Lewisham Music Zoooom Choir, please have a look at the advert here and the introductory video below with your adults.




 In order to take part, the parents will need to sign up and agree to read and comply with our online safety policy. You can find all the relevant information at


This sounds like a wonderful opportunity and I hope some of you will consider giving it a try!



Update from 'Shadowdale'

The extra dimensional eye glared down upon the land below it, looking for other victims. The roar of noise coming from the tear in reality was overpowering. Midnight feared that her misfired spell would be the death of the all. From the corner of her eye she noticed shimmering lights appearing in the air, fearing it was an attack from the extra-planar being Midnight threw herself to the ground, awaiting the horror that would happen next. As the lights twinkled and moved, dancing and interlacing, with each other Midnight spared a glace to her comrades who were also cowering, trying to remain hidden and away from the creatures sight. She murmured a silent apology to them and said a silent prayer asking for forgiveness. Though what god would listen to her now she didn't know given that her own patron was now destroyed. She took a glance up as the lights finished their track around the air and, much to Midnight's surprise, a secondary gate burst forth right beside where she was hiding. As she looked on, the wizened, grizzled features of the oldest man she thought she had ever seen stepped through the portal, he wore a long pointy red hat, though the point dropped to the side a bit, and garish red robes also, with arcane sigils and glyphs covering it. The man also had a long clay pipe in his mouth though no smoke was coming from it as it was gritted between his teeth as if he was in pain. The sharp blue eyes, and hawk like knows were prominent  on his wrinkled, weather-beaten skin and he glared at Midnight with a look of pure annoyance. She recognised this man to be the Sage of Shadowdale, Elminster himself! Over 900 years old and the most powerful of the Chosen of Mystra herself, the very man she had been seeking out, but there was the problem of the world destroying entity over her head to deal with. "Was it you that summoned that......monstrosity, ye' silly girl!" Elminster barked at Midnight. "I don't even know what that is! I tried to cast a fireball and, well, that appeared!" she shouted back at the powerful archmage and pointing up in the sky. "Ye' daft lass! Magic is running amok in the realms, why would ye' be trying to cast anything?" Elminster contiued his admonishment. Midnight rolled her eyes getting announced at this cantankerous old man, "It was an emergency, now are you going to berate some more or can you help with this thing?" She snapped back. There was a momentary look of surprise on the old sage's face as if he wasn't used to be spoken to in that way. "Well of course I can help ye'  girl, ain't that why I'm here?" and with that he returned his attention to the rip in reality above his head. He raised the gnarled, wooden staff in the air and moved his arms in intricate patterns as he spoke aloud the arcane phrases to a spell Midnight had never heard before. At each passing of his arms through the repetitive patterns a beam of light stretched from one side of the rift to the other, and pulled the pieces together as if someone was sewing up a hole in a sock. This continued for a few minutes until the rip was fully sealed. Elminster let out a sigh of relief, before fixing Midnight with that contemptuous glare he had when he first arrived, "Girl, if you want to destroy the realms, there are easier and quicker ways to do it. If I have to come and fix one of your mistakes again ye'll have me to deal with!" And he stepped back through the gate and it vanished. Midnight stared in shock before her senses came back to her and she screamed after him "Elminster! Mystra is dead!" but he didn't hear, the gate vanished as soon as he stepped back through. 



Noun phrases are useful in any setting description. Remind yourself about them by watching this fun video.

Practise Activity 

Give me a noun phrases for each of the following items:

 1. The car

2. The flower

3. The cake

4. The bird

5. The house

Understand what personification is and how to use it by watching this video.


Personification can be used to make your sentences more exciting by:

    • Describing objects as if they are people.
    • Describing objects as if they have feelings.


'The rain stomped angrily on the fragile roof like an angry giant.'

‘The snow painted delicate white pictures on the ground as it fell gently from the sky.’

As part of a setting description, these examples of personification create a clear image of the setting and help to set the mood of the scene.



You may need paper and a pen or pencil for some of these activities.

However if you can type your work out and send it to my usual email address that would be greatly appreciated. 

Activity 1

Can you match the object to the personified description?

Answer one: The wind bullied the trees.


Activity 2

1) Imagine you are watching someone film a dust storm in Australia.

2) Think about what the person could see while they filmed.

3) Write three sentences that use personification to describe:

    • what the person filming could see


    • how the person was feeling as they filmed


The dust swallowed everything in it’s path like a vicious monster.

Nervous sweat swam down the woman’s forehead as she filmed.

Top Tip!

Personification can be used to create feelings within the reader about the item being described.

In this example, personification has been used to make the reader feel sorry for the trees:

‘The wind bullied the trees.’

Super Challenge

Can you think about one of the other five senses (hearing, sight, smell, taste or touch) and use it to write a personified sentence about the scene?


The taste of dust jumped around the man’s mouth as he anxiously filmed for as long as possible.


Here's a fun little activity for you to try at home and all you need is some plain paper, a pencil (or charcoal) and a mirror. What I would like you to do is draw a self-portrait of yourself. This was a technique that was done by many famous artists including van Gough and da Vinci. Give it a shot yourselves. I seem to remember that a lot of you like shading with pencils so maybe incorporate a bit of that to add depth to your drawing.