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Sugarloaf - Monday

Last week I asked you to research innovative products made of plastic. Reflect on what you found. Here is an article I found: Garbage Homes

Read the short article at the website above. 

Comprehension Questions:

1. What is the problem Ingrid Vaca Diez has found and how has she begun to fix it? 

2. How does she use recycling in her project? 

3. "Ingrid picks her projects based on the urgency of a family's need." What does the word urgency  mean? What reading strategy did you use to find the meaning of this word? 

4. Can you make a connection between the Ingrid and Isatou? How are they similar? How are they different?

5. What inference can you make about Ingrid? What kind of person is she? 

6. If you could ask Ingrid one question, what would it be? 



You will be creating a design of a product that is created using plastic. This will be quite a large task so you can continue to work on it throughout the week. You're project will be made up of three parts. 

1. Plan and design- You will need to create a picture of your product with labels explaining the purpose of each part of your product. What kind of plastic will you be using? 

2. Write up- You will have to answer the following questions about your product. 

1. What will you be recycling in order to make your product? 

2. Who is your product created for? (Think of who would be able to use your product.) 

3. How will your product be created? ( You can include step by step instructions.) 

4. Why is this product important? How will it make a difference in our world? 

3. Advertisement- Lastly, you will create an advertisement for your product. This could include a newspaper advert, a radio jingle, script for a television advert or a poster. How will you catch your audiences eye? Remember your persuasive language! 


Bonus: If your product is something that can be created with items you have at home, build a replica or working version! I would love to see what you come up with! 


All 3 parts of the project are due on Friday May 15th. Please submit through email to 

(This can just be a picture of work or a typed copy- whatever you are capable of!) 



We are going to take a look at subordinating conjunctions. 


Watch the video on BBC Bitesize at the link below: 

subordinating conjunctions

Once you have watched the video complete the quiz at the bottom of the page.

Did you correctly identify the subordinating conjunctions?  


Complete the task below. You can either copy each sentence of edit the PDF file. 

Once complete please send to me at:

View document grammar_work_subordinating_conjunctions.docx