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Watch this video to help you understand the difference between hyphens and dashes.



Hyphens are very useful. They can be used to link two words together, so the word or phrase makes sense and doesn’t confuse the reader.


The superstar player decided to resign his contract. (Here the player is leaving the club).

The superstar player decided to re-sign his contract. (Here the player is staying at the club for longer).

Hyphens have other specific roles for different word types or phrases.


    • Numbers between 21 and 99, for example, ‘seventy-two’ or ‘thirty-six’.


    • To create compound adjectives, for example, ‘high-risk’ or ‘hot-pink’.


    • For informal phrases, for example, ‘sing-song’ or ‘free-for-all’.


    • To avoid awkward letter combinations, for example, ‘de-escalated’.



Dashes separate information and are a way of showing parenthesis, much like brackets.

Dashes shouldn’t be confused with hyphens as their job is very different!


The superstar player – who is loved by many fans – decided to stay at the club.

Activity 1

Find a funny animal image.

Can you write three sentences about the image that include a hyphenated word?



    • Confused, the lightning-quick Tibetan fox stared at the Marmot.


    • Bravely, the Marmot gave the Tibetan fox an eye-popping look!


Top tip!


  • Remember: Hyphens link two words, so the word or phrase makes sense and doesn’t confuse the reader.

Activity 2

Complete this worksheet here!


Please type up your answers on a new document and email the to me.




Ancient Egyptian gods

The ancient Egyptians had many gods. Gods created the universe and maintained order, but they were also involved in everyday life.

Egyptians believed that a long time ago, only chaos existed. Out of chaos a hill emerged (called the Benben). The first god, Atum, was sitting on the hill.

Atum, realising he was alone, created two children called Shu and Tefnut. His children left to create the world. Shu and Tefnut were away for a long time so Atum sent his eye to look for them.

Shu and Tefnut returned with Atum's eye and he was so grateful the eye started crying. The tears dropped to the earth on the hill and from them the first humans were created!


Please complete the this worksheet to finish the task.