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The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch: Armitage, Ronda ...

There are LOTS of exciting new words to learn in The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch.

Watch the story again and clarify what they mean. 
Clarifying means to use clues from the pictures and the text to help you work out what a word means.

Here's some to choose from:






Writing and Grammar

Can you retell The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch using the time connectives?
Time connectives are words that tell us when something happens in the story. We write them in order. 

Write one sentence for each time connective. Here's one I did earlier:

Once... Once upon a time there was a lighthouse keeper called Mr Grinling who lived in a cottage perched on the edge of a cliff.
One day... One day Mrs Grinling concocted a delicious lunch and sent it down the wire to Mr Grinling.
After... After a while some greedy seagulls flew down and ate the scrumptious lunch.  “Yummy” said the naughty seagulls.
Next... Next Mrs Grinling had a plan and tied a napkin to the basket but it didn’t work and the seagulls ate the delicious lunch again.
Then... Then Mrs Grinling had another plan and put Hamish the cat into a basket to scare away the seagulls but it didn’t work because it made Hamish sick.
Eventually... Eventually Mrs Grinling had an ingenious plan and concocted mustard sandwiches.  “Yuck” said the seagulls and flew away.
Finally... Finally Mr Grinling was jubilant because he could enjoy his delicious lunch.


We are learning fractions! Fractions are parts of a whole. We can use numbers to show how many parts of a whole we have.


1.                                                                                            2.

Click here to play Times Table Topple and practice your multiplication and division.

Special Task

Take some artistic photos in black and white. Play around with filters and see what you can create! You could use a phone, iPad or learn to use a proper camera (if you have one). Here's some inspiration:

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