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Week 3 - Tuesday (Fuji - Archives)

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Fuji - Tuesday



Inferring is when we use clues from the text to give us information about what is happening in the story or know what is going to happen. We can infer things like: how characters are feeling, when and where the story is set, what will come next in the story, what time of the year and time of the day it is and the type of personality each character has. We can make inferences when the author uses 'show not tell'. 

Watch this video about making inferences:



 If you have not read 

Yesterday, you read the first part of Chapter 2 of Journey to the River Sea. If you need to re-read some of the text or listen to the reading again, here is the book and the Youtube clip:

If you did not read the first part of Chapter 1, click here to open the text.

If you did not read the second part of Chapter 1 last weekclick here to open last week's reading text.



Youtube clip - (19:52 - 33:03 on the clip)



Journey to the River Sea

View document year_4/journey_to_the_river_sea_week_2.pdf



Task: Answer each of these questions using full sentences.

Make sure you begin with "I can infer that..." and then justify (explain) your answer by using the word "because".

Eg. Are the teachers at the boarding school strict? How do you know?

I can infer that the teachers at the boarding school are quite strict because they value good manners and are very quick to punish students for minor incidents such as chewing their hair.


1. Is Miss Minton a fun person to travel with? How do you know?

2. How is Clovis King feeling when he is showing Maia the spots on his face? How do you know?

3. Does Clovis like living with his new actor guardians, the Goodleys? How do you know? 

4. Does Miss Minton like Shakespeare? How do you know?

5. What type of personality does Clovis have? How do you know?


 You may either:

  • write your answers in pen/pencil and send me a photo of your work or
  • type the answers to me in an email 

    Please send your work to me at 



Do you remember how to use column subtraction to subtract one four digit number from another? Watch the video below to refresh your memory and then complete the exercises.

In this video, the teacher uses some different words to the words we use in class. Instead of using our word 'exchange', he calls it 'borrowing'. So just remember that borrow means the same as EXCHANGE




Here is an example of how we would usually solve this type of problem in our books at school. 

Notice how the whole we are subtracting from is in the green 'whole' section of our bar model.


2204 - 1850







Task: Try answering as many of these questions as you can.

You may either:

- Print the questions and write on the page and then email me a photo of the work

- Write each question number down on a piece of paper with the answer next to it and then email me a photo of the work or 

- Write an email with the answers to each question in the email.

Please send your work to 


Blue Work (Level 1)

 Use the column method of addition to solve the problems and draw a bar model for each.

 a. 4857 - 1365

b. 3947 - 1628

c. Fill in the missing numbers:



d. Bentley was baking a cake and had 845g of flour in his cupboard.

If he used 469g of flour to make the cake, how much flour does he have leftover?



Pink Work (Level 2)

 a.   2735 - 1867 


b.  4374.6 - 274.5 (remember to keep all place value columns in line, including decimals)


c. 3500 - 1287


d. Deih and Micah were having a race to see how far they could run before they needed to stop.

Deih ran 3476m and Micah ran 6364m.

How much further did Micah run than Deih? 



Fun Activity - Make your own RAINBOW FLOWERS

Did you know that you can change the colour of white flower petals to whatever colour you like!? Watch the video below to see how you can use food colouring to make rainbow flowers


Perhaps you can go for a walk with one of your family members and pick some white flowers to do this experiment yourself!

Tip: Try splitting the stem of a flower into separate colour glasses to create a multicoloured flower.