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Week 3 - Tuesday (Ben Nevis - Archives)

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Ben Nevis - Tuesday

This week we are reading...


Handa's Surprise by Eileen Browne

Handa's Surprise


Reading Task 

Who are the characters in the story?

Can you list them all?

Can you match each animal to the fruit they take?

What is your favourite fruit and why? 

Writing Task

Do you have any of the fruits from Handa's basket at home? Have you tried any of the fruits before?






passion fruit




There are lots of adjectives used in the story to describe the different fruits. Can you spot them?

Can you think of any of your own adjectives to describe the fruits you have tried?

e.g. The pineapple is spiky

Challenge: extend your sentences using 'and'. 

 e.g. The mango is juicy and delicious. 


Counting in 2's

We have learned how to count in steps of 2. 

Practise counting in 2's at home with an adult or a sibling. 

Here is our song to help you. Count by 2




Special Task

Time Capsule Task

Over the week we will be posting activities to help you make a very special Time Capsule, so you can remember and look back at this time when you are older!

We will be posting a different activity each day. There is a print out option but if you cannot print, then use it as inspiration to draw and write your own version at home!

Today I would like you to interview a grown up in your home to find out how they are feeling at this time.