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  • Sugarloaf - Thursday


At this point in the story, we are not quite sure what the women could be doing with the bags. What was your first prediction of what they might do with the bags? 

What might Isatous plan be? 

Why is she nervous about telling her friend of the plan? What clue from the text helps you make this inference? 

What do they begin to do with the bags on this page of the text? 

What do you predict they will turn the plastic thread into? 

Last week we looked up the meaning of the word, crochet. Do you remember the definition? 



The book "One Plastic Bag" is based on a true story. 

Here is a video of the woman who began to create plastic purses out of the bags she found in her community. 

Writing Task:

Watch the video and jot down the steps of making these purses. Summarise the video above. Remember when summarising you pull the most important bits of information. Make sure to keep them in order. 

Success Criteria: 

I have checked spelling and punctuation. 

I have used transitional language in my writing. (First, then, next, lastly)

I have included information from the video in my writing. 

I have summarised the video. 


Extra Task: 

Purses are not the only thing you can make out of plastic bags. Can you do some research and find out what other items you can create by recycling plastic bags? I would love to hear about what you find! 


As this weekend is a bank holiday, there will be no work assigned for tomorrow (Friday Mat 8th). Instead here is a fun VE day activity you can complete. 

View document how_to_make_your_great_british_bunting_step_by_step.pdf