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Ben Nevis - Thursday

This week we are reading...

Handa's Surprise by Eileen Browne

Can you use you fantastic retelling of the story from yesterday to create a story map of Handa's Surprise?

Here are some examples:


Challenge: to add adjectives and verbs to the map.

Writing Task

Can you write a set of instructions for making a fruit salad? 

Writing Checklist

 Have you included a title for your instructions? 

Have you used a sequencer (first, next, then, finally) at the start of your sentence? 

Have you used imperative (bossy) verbs?

Have you used full stops and capital letters?

Are your instructions in a sensible order? 

Challenge: Can you use an adverb in your sentence?

I have started a set of instructions to help you.

Special Task

Time Capsule Task

Over the week we will be posting activities to help you make a very special Time Capsule, so you can remember and look back at this time when you are older!

We will be posting a different activity each day. There is a print out option but if you cannot print, then use it as inspiration to draw and write your own version at home!

Today I would like you to think about how you are feeling during this time and the things you are looking forward to doing when it is over.