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Everest - Wednesday

Update from 'Shadowdale'


As Mystra set her foot on the first step of the celestial stairway the clouds above Castle Kilgrave parted, and there stood Helm, god of guardians, awaiting to do his duty to the overgod Ao. Mystra, calmly but carefully, began taking the steps upward, as Helm slowly descended toward her. The four adventurers stood at the base of the stairway in awe as they realised they were in the presence of an entity who was still a god. Mystra stopped a quarter of the way up the stairs and addressed the god before her, "Lord Helm, I would return to my home in the heavens." Helm regarded impassively, "Lady Magic, do you bring the Tablets of Fate?" Mystra stood up a little straighter before answering, "I bring word of the Tablets of Fate. They were stolen by Lords' Bane and Myrkul. They planned to hide them on Toril to bring chaos to the Outer Realms and usurp Lord Ao's power." Helm regarded her, emotionless, "Our lord decreed that none may re-enter the realms unless the tablets were returned. Turn back Mystra, lest I must prevent you from entering by force." Mystra's eyes crackled with power, white lightning jumped across them and her raven-black hair started  to blow as a tempest of energy began to gather around her form, "Lord Ao should hear this news, please good Helm let me pass that I may relay what I have learnt to him." For the first time since they spoke Helm allowed some emotion into his voice as he sighed, "What happens next, you bring upon yourself, and I am truly sorry Lady Mystra." Helm jumped down the intervening steps towards Mystra but she loosed a lightning bolt that she had been holding. The spell crackled and sparked over Helm's plate armour and temporarily stunned him. Mystra darted by his prone form and ran up the remaining steps to the portal tha was to be her salvation. However, Mystra had severely underestimated Helm. He was still a god, with all his godly powers intact, she was in the host body of a human. A human of great power yes, but a human body none the less, with all its frailties and weaknesses. Helm raised his arm and held her in place before she reached the doorway. He stood up calmly and made his way slowly to her stunned form. "I have failed in my duties only once before Lady Mystra, when the Tablets of Fate got stolen, I will not fail again. Goodbye my lady." With those final words Helm pushed his hand into Mystra's chest. The agony she felt was nothing like anything she had ever experienced before. She screamed as she ffelt her godhood, her very life leave her body. She turned her head to see the four adventurers standing, stunned, at what they were witnessing unfolding before them. Mystra managed one more message, directly into their heads, "Find Elminster," before her form exploded right in front of them. Tendrils of blue and white energy shot from the space where Mystra had stood and for the briefest of moments, all around the realms, magic stopped working.  


Bonjour les enfants! (Good morning children!)

I hope that you attempted to do at least one of the worksheets from last week.  Below are this week's worksheets (WB le 27 avril):

Ma famille

Les nombres de 1 a 12

Quel age as-tu?

If you have access to the internet, you can watch the clips related to these worksheets by following the 5 steps on the French section of the school website.  If you have difficulty logging in, look at the PDF instructions.

Look at the following clips:

Unit 4


Unit 5

Ma famille

Unit 6

Les nombres de 0 a 12

Unit 7

Quel age as-tu?

Have fun!  Au revoir!


 In the video below, you are shown how to make invisible ink and how to detect it. It is based off the acid-alkali indicator relationship. Without getting too scientific, acids are the opposites of alkalis. 

What  I would like you to do is make some invisble ink, and then develop it to show your message that you have created. If you do this, I would appreciate photo's taken at various points as you go along, but none will be more important than the final message!

 Email me your pictures at 

Tip: If you do not have blueberries at home, you can use any other acidic fruit juice like raspberries, strawberries, oranges, apples and lemons.

This could be a little messy so please make sure that you put down some paper or old cloth where you are doing the work to avoid any major messes should they happen.


Click here to take you to a  YouTube clip on how to do it.