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Week 2 - Thursday (Sugarloaf - Archives)

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  • Sugarloaf - Thursday




Watch up until 4:45

The plastic bags that were once described as "rainbows" are now being described as "ugliness growing around her". What changed? 

What is the impact the plastic bags have caused? 


Watch the following videos and jot down information you believe could be important: 

Which of the clips was most effective in sharing information and why? 

What language did they use? How did they display their ideas? 

What facts surprised you most? 


Writing Task: 

You will be starting the process of creating your own informational presentation on the effects of plastic on our environment. How will you start your presentation? Rewatch the first few seconds of each of the videos above. How did they catch your attention? Draft an introduction to a presentation suitable for a year 5 student. You will be informing them of the impact plastic has on our environment.                                                                                                   You must consider:    

  • What is the appropriate language? (Remember: word choice should be at a year 5 level)

  • How will you create a "wow" factor? (How will you capture your audiences attention?)

  • How you will tie in the text, One Plastic Bag?

You may use the modelled example below to help guide you to create your introduction. 

Modelled example

Introduction:    You are walking along and the bag you are using to carry your groceries in breaks. You have no use for this bag anymore and drop it on the ground. What could be the harm? It's just one bag. What if everyone thought like this? One bag would turn into two bags, then into 5, and so on. Today I will be sharing with you the impacts that just one bag could have on our environment.                                                                                                     

Success Criteria: 

 I've check spelling and punctuation. 

I've connected my writing to the text. 

I've used information from the videos but used my own words in my writing. 

I've caught my readers attention.



Make sure you are continuing to read for at least 20 minutes everyday! I have been checking Epic! and lots of you are going above and beyond this. I'm so proud of you. If you still need a link to allow you to access Epic! at home please let me know. 

If any of you have read a book on Epic! that you really enjoyed, please send me a quick blurb or review and why you enjoyed it so I can share it with your classmates! 


I have recently discovered "The Histronauts" series on Epic! reading. I really enjoyed these books as they are funny and informative. I recommend this series to my year 5 students that enjoyed any of the "Horrible Histories" as these books reminded me of them. I would also recommend "The Histronauts" to anyone who likes graphic novels or comic books! Happy reading. 


Extra Task: 

Mancala is one of my very favourite games. I grew up playing this game with my family whenever we would have a night in or when we went camping. A bonus about this game is it has a lot of counting involved (woo, math!) and requires some strategy (a brain workout). I found a tutorial on how to make your own game board HERE

This is a game that is easy to learn and play. Find the rules HERE

I would love to hear if you enjoyed the game.