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A summary is a brief paragraph, written in your own words, that tells the main events or main points of a text in order. It is important to summarise what you have read because it helps you:

  • pick out the important information
  • remember what you have read and
  • understand the story better

Who is a summary written for? It is for yourself and your teacher! So you need to remember to use all of the correct punctuation (capital letters, commas, full stops, apostrophes) and spelling.

 Steps for writing a summary


Sentence stems (use these to start each sentence of your summary)

At the beginning,



After that,

Following that,


Remember to use a comma after the fronted adverbial.



Task: Can you write a summary of the first part of our book Journey to the River Sea

Text - If you need to re-read the text, click here

Youtube - If you'd like to listen to the Youtube reading, click here (Remember it is just 0:00 - 8:32 on the Youtube clip)



Support Group Summary

If you need some extra help to choose the main events of the story, I have written them here for you. Your job is to put them in order first AND use the sentence stems to write your summary. Just like we do in class.

Click on the image to open a Google drawing so you can move the tiles around to put them in order.

Don't forget to use the sentence stems: 

At the beginning,



After that,

Following that,





Throughout Spring Term we learnt how to improve our narrative writing.

Can you use everything you learnt last term to plan a narrative?

Use the story mountain and the given plots to plan your characters, setting and plot.  We will start writing the narrative next week. You may either:

- print the story mountain and complete it using pen/pencil then take a photo of your work

- draw your own story mountain and take a photo of it or 

- complete it using your computer


Please email your work to me at 


 Click on the images to open the documents



Story Plots


Fun Activity - Home Obstacle Course Challenge

Create a home obstacle course with different activities to complete along the way. The obstacle course could be for yourself, your siblings, your parents, your relatives or anyone else that lives in your house to complete. 

Think about: What types of  challenges will you include in your obstacle course? How long will it be? What household items can you use for your course? 

Try timing different family members to see how quickly they can complete your course! If you want to, you can email me a photo or video of your obstacle course at 

Here is a video for some inspiration.