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Everest - Thursday

Update from 'Shadowdale'

When the adventurers arrive at Castle Kilgrave they decide to explore the ruined structure in search of any sign Caitlan or her mistress (who none know that it is Mystra, goddess of magic). They search the large structure and all they find are broken containers, ripped paintings, destroyed tapestries and a plethora of unusable odds and ends. As they are searching the castle, none of them are aware of the fact that Bane, god of strife, is magically watching them through a pool of water in the cellar of the castle. Bane knows why they are here so casts very powerful illusion magic making each of the adventurers see what their hearts most want: Kelemvor wishes to be known for his great and heroic deeds, Midnight longs to be the greatest magic user in the realms, Cyric wishes to be free of his past, and Adon wants to be the most favoured of the goddess he worships. These illusions play on their most basic fears in that  if they don't do what the illusions ask them to do, then catastrophic evils will occur. 


Describing a setting:

Complete the two tasks that are on each sheet in the links below. Make sure you read the instructions on each sheet carefully before doing any work. Any creative work that needs to be done can you please type it up in a word document and send it to me at 

If you were given the greater depth pack to work through then please click here for your task. 

The rest of the class, please click here for your task


Try to come up with your family tree. Sit down with your adults and talk about who is in your family and how you are related to one another. A simple family tree will suffice but it should be structured something like the picture below.