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Ben Nevis - Thursday

This week we are reading...

The Gruffalo: Donaldson, Julia, Scheffler, Axel: Books

Can you use you fantastic retelling of the story from yesterday to create a story map of the Gruffalo story?

Here are some examples:

20 Best story maps images | Talk 4 writing, Traditional tales, EyfsSudbourneChild on Twitter: "In Early Years we found out our story ...Image result for the gruffalo story map | Story map, Map, The gruffalo

Challenge: to add adjectives and verbs to the map.

Writing Task

 Can you use your story map to help you write the story of the Gruffalo? (This can be done on paper or electronically).

I have written the first part of the story. Have a look at my example.

Can you spot...

- the full stops and capital letters?

- A BOYS sentence?

- the verbs?

- the adjectives?



Writing Checklist

Have you told the story in the correct order?

Have you used full stops and capital letters?


Can you use a BOYS sentence? (but, or, yet, so)

Can you use a adjectives to describe the character/setting? 


Special Task

Today, as it is going to be very sunny and hot and we are all stuck inside, I would like you to put your DT skills to work. Can you design and label your own ice cream?

Hand Drawn Illustrations Set of Ice Creams | How to draw hands ...Draw an Ice Cream Cone · Art Projects for Kids


You have to think about what flavour/flavours it would be, (you can make them as delicious or crazy as you like), how many scoops it would have, how would you serve it (a cone, a bowl, a rocket?!), how much it would cost and what you will call it?

I would love to see all your amazing ideas so please send me any pictures of your designs!

You can use paper and pens to do the design or you can use apps on your tablets, such as 'Paint'!