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Fuji - Monday



This week, will continue reading our book Journey to the River Sea.


You can follow along with the text as the lady in the video (below it) reads the story aloud to you.

If you did not read the first part of Chapter 1 last week, click here to open last week's reading text.


Journey to the River Sea

View document year_4/journey_to_the_river_sea_week_2.pdf


Continue reading CHAPTER ONE  from where we left off in the video and read up until the end of Chapter 1.

(8:32 - 19:52 on the Youtube clip)




Here is some new vocabulary from the text:

  • distress
  • tattered
  • porter
  • lurched
  • belaboured


  • faltered
  • haughtily


Task: Can you complete a word mat for each of the words? Click on the picture of the word map and you may either:

- print the word map and complete it using pen/pencil then take a photo of your work

- draw your own word map and take a photo of it or 

- complete it using your computer

Please email your work to me at 




Fun Activity - Times Tables Chant/Song


This week, we are focusing on learning the 8 times tables. Singing songs helps you remember information.

Task: Can you sing the 8 times tables to a tune you already know?  You can ask your siblings and family members to help you create and perform it.
Tip: Use Youtube to find an instrumental (no words) version of the tune you want to sing to.


Watch this video of the 8 times tables to the tune of Rolling in the Deep by Adele for some inspiration!!


If you like, you can send me a video of your times tables chant/song to me at