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Everest - Monday

Update from Shadowdale

To everyones surprise, the slight form of Caitlan Moonsong strode out from behind one of the many pillars that were supporting this structure. The essence of the goddess of magic had suffused with  Caitlan's being and there was an aura of great power that emanated from her tiny frame. Caitlan, was the chosen avatar of Mystra. She would have become a great and powerful magic user later in life had her goddess not chosen her. And she had been chosen because of her raw, untapped abilities with magic.  "It was a mistake to imprison and torture me Bane," Mystra threatened the now worried god of strife. He was fully aware that in a one-on-one spell duel he would be no match for the goddess of magic. But his pride would not let him back down. "We shall see which one of us is the stronger, goddess!" Bane hissed. Bane snatched a ruby from his black gauntlet, muttered a quick incantation and hurled the ruby in Mystras direction. The ruby turned into beam of arcing red light. It was designed to cancel any spell protections Mystra had in place. Just as the beam was about to impact Caitlan/Mystra it stopped, and hung in midair. Mystra cocked her head to one side, looking at the beam floating there. "Really Bane, you would dare hurl spells at the goddess of magic? I am the mistress of the Weave, the magical force that suffuses all of Toril. Magic is my purview!" and with that the beam shot backwards and impaled Bane through his chest. As a god, he had never known pain, as a god in human form he had never felt pain like it ever. He howled out in pain making he very castle shake itself. Mystra stalked towards Bane and said, "You will return to me the Tablets of Fate that you and Myrkul have stolen." Bane was bent over double and gasped through the pain, "I think not Mystra," and he disappeared from sight, transporting himself away from Castle Kilgrave.   


Apostrophes' for contractions: Click here to review the work

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Please type your answers out onto a word document and then email it to me when you are finished.


Computer Collage: What I'd like you to do is to find pictures on the internet and put them onto a single powerpoint slide. These pictures must represent who you are. So the pictures might include your favourite hobbies, your personality, your ambitions, pretty much anything you like, as long as the picture relates to you as an individual.

Email me your completed  work at the usual address.