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Sugarloaf - Friday

Re read the non-fiction text Herd Behaviour. 

If comprehension questions under the text were not completed yesterday, please complete all multiple choice and discussion question 1 today. (Skip question 5 and discussion question 2)

View document commonlit_herd-behavior_student.pdf

Use to find out what each of these new words mean and create a definition that YOU understand. Then, use each word in a sentence. 


predator: an animal that hunts other animals. 

The lion is a known predator of the antelope in their natural environment.  

New vocabulary: 









The article's big idea is how when people see others doing something they often will just follow the crowd. In the story Wonder we see herd behaviour once Auggie starts at his new school. Many of the students don't take the time to meet the new student but instead follow the crowd and begin to make fun of Auggie for the way that he looks. One scene that sticks out for showing "herd behaviour" is on Halloween. When confronted about his friendship with Auggie, Julian begins to make fun of the way the main character looks and says they're actually not friends. Instead of sticking up for Auggie, Julian follows the actions of his peers. 


Think of the character Summer. How does she refuses to follow the group and show the opposite of "herd behaviour"? 

Here is a clip of the character Summer:

Think about how she first initially interacts with Auggie. Does she ever let others opinions impact how she treats the new student? You can either write or type your response to send to me! 


I hope you all have a great weekend! Make sure to get outside for some fresh air. Going on a walk with a family member is allowed, just make sure to keep distance between you and those you are passing. 

Take care and keep healthy! 

Miss Pritoula