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Everest - Friday

Update from Shadowdale:

Through sheer force of will the heroes realise that what they are seeing is not real, as much as each of them wants it to be. Kelemvor, Midnight and Cyric all figure out something is wrong when on their visions they all see a person or people from their past who they know have already died. Adon is a bit more problematic. His vision see's him being the favoured of Sune, goddess of beauty, and is arrogant enough to beleive that he is her chosen. Kelemvor and Midnight manage to pierce the illusion and free him from his own mind, however what Adon experienced really unsetteld him. The four adventurers make their way to the cellar where Mystra is being kept and Bane turns his attention to them, mocking them, rdiculing them, tellimg them that their journey was in vain. He was a god and how could four puny humans ever hope to stop him when he had the goddess of magic and he was siphoning off her magic. It was here he moves out of the way to give the quartet a view of his prisoner did he realise that Mystra was no longer in her chains. 



Summarising is a skill where you read something but then you have to get the main points of what you have read across within a certain number of words. This is called a summary generally or an abstract for more technical pieces of writing. What I would like you to do please is to read this article here and then to type out a summary for me in no more than 200 words on a word document. I would like you to use the Arial font and the size must be 12.


I hope you have enjoyed the tasks this week. Now it is the weekend, so take a break, relax and have some fun over the weekend and I'll talk to you all next week.