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Fuji - Tuesday


Finding key details

Finding key details in a text means going back and re-reading parts of it to find the answer or key points you are looking for. This skill is very useful when you are researching information to answer a question.

Finding key details can involve skim reading, which means that you quickly glance over the paragraphs to easily find the part you are looking for. Skim reading is very useful to quickly find information to answer a question.


Task: Find the key details in the text to answer the questions below using full sentences 

Journey to the River Sea

View document year_4/chapter_9.pdf


1. What is the name of the large house owned by Sir Aubrey Taverner (Finn's grandfather)?

2. What is one thing Bernard Taverner was not afraid of?

3. How old was Bernard Taverner when he escaped from his home and moved to Brazil?

4. How many rooms does Westwood have?

5. Which newspaper did Sir Aubrey advertise in, asking for his son Bernard Taverner to come forward?

6. What is the name of Finn's boat that he is using to find his mother's tribe?


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Dividing THREE digit numbers by 1 digit.

There are many ways to divide large numbers by one digit. Last week, we learnt the part-part-whole partitioning method of division. Today, you are going to use this same method to divide THREE digit numbers by 1 digit, which is a little bit trickier.


Watch this video to remind yourself how to divide three digit numbers by 1 digit using partitioning. 




Task: Complete the work below. Make sure you show all of the working out by drawing your part-part-whole model or place value table for each question.  All students should be able to do Blue work (level 1). The pink work (Level 2) is for students who would like to challenge themselves with work that is a bit more difficult. 



    means less than

    means greater than

=      means equal to


 Blue Work (Level 1)





Pink Work (Level 2)



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Science Activity - Plant Survival

What do we humans need to survive and stay alive? Food, water..what else?

What do you think plants need to survive?


Watch the video below to learn the 5 things plants need to survive.


 Task: Conduct an experiment to see what happens when you do not give plants one of the 5 things they need to survive.

1. Begin with 5 different pots of plants or seeds.

2. Label them as below.


3. Over the next few weeks, watch what happens to the plants when you either give them all of the required resources/needs and what happens when they do not receive just one of their needs. Has the plant grown? Has anything changed? What do you see? Record your findings in a table.

Day Plant #1 Plant #2 Plant #3 Plant #4 Plant #5
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4



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