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Fuji - Thursday



Now that you have read much more of our story Journey to the River Sea and you know more about the characters. I would like you to make some more predictions about what you think will happen to each of these characters. Think about what kind of character development they will have. Do you think they will learn a lesson? What will it be? How will they improve their current situation?

  • Maia
  • Clovis
  • Finn
  • Miss Minton
  • Mrs Carter
  • Mr Carter
  • The twins

Task: Predict what will happen to each of the above characters by the end of our story.



Persuasive Writing

Persuasive writing is when you persuade (convince) the person reading your text to agree with your point of view. This means that you explain your arguments so well that the reader believes that you are right. 

Today, you are going to write a persuasive text and convince me (the reader) to agree with you.

The argument topic is about our book Journey to the River Sea and you can choose if you are for or against the argument. For means that you agree with the statement and against means that you disagree with the statement. 


Argument topic: That Finn should go back to Westwood and face his responsibilities.



Start by considering whether or not you think Finn should go back to Westwood or if he should stay in Brazil. Then, think about all of the reasons WHY. Your persuasive writing piece is going to explain all of those reasons very clearly and convince the reader to agree with you.


              Features of Persuasive Writing                           Example of Persuasive Writing



Task: Write a persuasive piece to convince me to agree with your point of view. Should Finn go back to Westwood and face his responsibilities?




Fun Activity - Audio Story

Great news! We have a brand new Tall Tales with Alex story today! This one is called Cece and her Magic Crayons.

Sit back, relax and enjoy another Tall Tales with Alex audio story.



Cece and her Magic Crayons



Who was your favourite character?
What was your favourite part of the story?




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