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Fuji - Wednesday


Drawing Finn's Secret Lagoon

Today, you are going to sketch the setting of Finn's secret hideout hut and the lagoon. A lagoon is a shallow body of water that is separated from the main river by water plants or a sandbank. Here are some images of beautiful Amazon Rainforest lagoons for some inspiration. 




Re-read this description of Finn's secret lagoon and hut taken from from Chapter 7 of Journey to the River Sea.



Task: Draw a picture of what you imagine the secret lagoon and inside of Finn's hut looks like. Try to include all of the details described in the text above. 

If you would like to re-read Chapter 7 to read the whole description, click here for part 1 and click here for part 2.

You might like to include in your drawing:

  • The lagoon
  • Finn's hut
  • The boat 


 You may either: 

  • draw your artwork and then send me a photo of your work or
  • create your sketch using a computer app and email your work to me 

Please send your work to 




Click on the link below to access the French page for Year 4


Fun Activity - Audio Story

 Sit back, relax and enjoy another Tall Tales with Alex audio story.




Who was your favourite character?
What was your favourite part of the story?