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Fuji - Tuesday





In Chapter 7 of Journey to the River Sea, Maia travels along the rivers and streams with Furo to Finn's secret lagoon and hut.

What do you think she saw along the way? 
What did the Amazon Rainforest look like?
Which animals might she be able to hear and see in the trees? In the water?

Today, you are going to pretend that you are a tour guide, taking Maia down the streams behind the Carters' house and pointing out all of the wonderful, interesting features of the Amazon rainforest. You can pretend that you are a tour guide with Maia in person OR you could pretend you are an audio guide.  An audio guide is a recorded audio clip that Maia would listen to as she is travelling in the boat. There are many audio guides for places in London such as museums, parks and Buckingham Palace.


Listen to this audio clip for an example of what an audio guide sounds like (you don't need to listen to the whole thing, just enough to give you a good idea).



Task: Write a script for a tour of the streams Maia travels along through the Amazon Rainforest behind the Carters' house. You might like to record and send it to me as an audio guide. 

Remember to include:

  • What can be seen (in the river, in the trees, on the ground and in the sky)
  • What can be heard (in the river, in the trees, on the ground and in the sky)
  • Some interesting facts about the Native Brazilian people and the history of Brazil or Manaus


 You may either write your tour guide script using pen/pencil and send me a photo of your work or record it as an audio guide and email it to me at 





Dividing two digit numbers by 1 digit.

There are many ways to divide large numbers by one digit. Last week, we learnt the part-part-whole partitioning method of division. Today, you are going to use partitioning and a part-part-whole model to solve some division problems.


Watch this video to remind yourself how to divide two digit numbers by 1 digit using partitioning. 




Task: Complete the work below. Make sure you show all of the working out by drawing your part-part-whole model or place value table for each question.  All students should be able to do Blue work (level 1). The pink work (Level 2) is for students who would like to challenge themselves with work that is a bit more difficult. 



 Blue Work (Level 1)





Pink Work (Level 2)



Please email your work to me at 



Science Activity - Learn the features of a plant/flower.

Throughout our book Journey to the River Sea, Maia learns about different plants of the Amazon Rainforest and the ways they can be used for food and medicine. Watch the video below to learn the different parts of a flower. Then, find a flower in your garden, or at the local park, to carefully dissect. To dissect a flower means to carefully open up and examine it to see all of the parts.


 Task: Dissect and label a flower using these key words. If you can't find a flower, just draw one.

  • leaves
  • stem
  • petals
  • stigma
  • stamen
  • sepal

You might like to challenge yourself and explain, using your own words, what each of those parts does for a plant (what is their role?)


Send me a picture or video of your flower dissection to