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Sir Francis Drake

Snowdon - Thursday


This week we are reading... 

Gorilla by Anthony Browne




Here are some more books by the author.


The Night Shimmy

My Mum

Voices in the Park

Do you like his books?

Which one is your favourite?

What is the same about his stories?

What is different? 

Writing Task


What adjectives can you think of to describe how Hannah is feeling in this picture? Why is she feeling like this?

Think of 10 wow words to describe how she is thinking and feeling.

Can you write a diary entry using the first person?

I feel...

I am...

I think...

I wish...

Here is a template to help you: 


Can you make your sentences 'BOYS sentences'? 

Special Task

A word search is a fun way to use our brains and practise our reading!

I would like you to have a go at finding all the words in this gorilla word search, and then have a go at making your own!

You can either use the template below the Gorilla word search or this easy and fun online word puzzle creator:

Make your own online word puzzle